Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. –Chinese Proverb

The power of training is that it leads to understanding, whether it’s a new strategy, a new process or something as simple as the way civility can transform a workplace. Mimi’s warm, and sometimes humorous, delivery style and understanding of adult learning theory enables her to convey information in a way that empowers and engages.

Mimi can work with your team to develop training curriculum specific to your needs in addition to keynote addresses or workshops or on the following subjects:

  • Be a Better Leader
  • Benefits and Techniques of Relational Sales
  • The Power of Listening Well--Communication Skills for Improved Teams and Customer Experiences
  • Blooming Where You’re Planted—Simple keys to life balance and positive, productive workplaces
  • Millennials are Marvelous--Harnessing the Power of a New Generation

“I have known Mimi Meredith for close to 14 years and have hired her for facilitation assignments around the country. Our company creates and provides sales skills, client-handling, management, and product launch training on behalf of automotive manufactures. We are national in scope and conduct events that are both large-scale (hundreds of people) and small (10-20). Mimi has facilitated automotive training for us on multiple occasions and I have observed and worked with her in several environments. She is a true facilitator and has a skillset that ranks above those of a good presenter. In her classrooms, she engages audience members by getting them involved in activities and discussions; she doesn’t just “present the material.” Mimi always knows her content, is organized, and consistently represents professionalism. Most importantly, she listens to individuals in her classrooms and also fosters peer-to-peer learning in a variety of ways. In our business, those are the two keys to being an excellent facilitator or event leader.” –Mark Krach, Vice President, Automatic

“I was amazed when I saw Mimi capture the attention, the minds, and perhaps the hearts of even the most veteran and jaded of our managers. Afterwards managers came to me with enthusiastic reviews, expressing their appreciation for the opportunity (for many their first ever) to hear someone who genuinely wanted to provide them with methods that would improve the balance in their lives and their interactions with others.” Don Adams, VP Training and Development, Bashas’ Inc.