Strategic Planning

Let Mimi work with your strategy team to create a planning session that includes simple steps to guarantee accountability and strategies that are woven into the fabric of your daily operations rather than relegated to a binder (you know the one) on a shelf.

“Mimi is an engaging and insightful communicator. She is a deep thinker whose sense of humor and positive outlook always come through. Mimi is believable and sincere, and she has a special knack for getting to the heart of the matter with grace and poise.” –Lesli R. Pintor, Senior Vice President, Commercial Banker National Bank of Arizona

“Mimi brings an underlying strength of character and values to everything she does. The result is that she is able to graciously navigate difficult group dynamics and inspire people to work together toward a common objective - often a toward larger vision than anyone thought possible.” –Scott Delaney, VP Business Development at  Avnet Logistics

“Working with Mimi Meredith was a wonderful collaboration. She listened intently, asked great questions, and was able to quickly and effectively synthesize the needs of our organization into a smart strategy that targeted our desired outcomes. We continue to benefit as a company from Mimi's expertise and creative solutions.” –Andrea C. Smiley, Chief Community Relations Officer, Magellan Health Services of Arizona

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