Communication Services

  • Communication Audit

What channels—both formal and informal—does your organization use to support communication internally and externally? Chances are, you may not even recognize some of the ways in which information is conveyed and you may be under utilizing others.

To insure effective, two-way communication that leads to optimum performance at every level, you have to know how people are delivering information and how it’s understood. You need to know who the opinion leaders are and how they perceive their role as a communicator.

From an internal perspective, it’s difficult to see your communication systems accurately, so let Mimi conduct a simple communication audit from which you develop plans and strategies to move your organization forward.

  • Communication Plans

Too often, communication just happens. Or worse, it doesn’t. When you see communication as part of every business process, the process improves. Strategy is clarified, the chance for understanding and process ownership expands and the culture takes on an energy that only occurs in those synergistic circumstances where people feel they are part of something big and good.

Can you imagine how much greater your progress will be when everyone understands where you’re going and how they can help get you there? That’s just the beginning of what a good communication plan can offer.

Mimi’s engaging and easy-going nature makes it easy for her to work with existing teams. Having served in corporate communication roles for her entire career, Mimi understands what makes consulting a win-win, sustainable experience, and that’s what she delivers.

“She has a tremendous ability to help clients see the core "truth" in their value proposition, bring the proposition to market and then evolve the strategy over time. Her approach is both direct and encouraging, and she clearly is an expert at what she does. One thing I found unique about Mimi is that her integrity is evident from the first moment of contact. She is committed to your success, which is a great foundation for everyone. Goodness does grow.” Tom Schramski, CEO Salience Consulting

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