“Mimi is an engaging and insightful communicator. She is a deep thinker whose sense of humor and positive outlook always come through. Mimi is believable and sincere, and she has a special knack for getting to the heart of the matter with grace and poise.”  – Lesli R. Pintor, Senior Vice President, Commercial Banker National Bank of Arizona

“I have known Mimi Meredith for close to 14 years and have hired her for facilitation assignments around the country. Our company creates and provides sales skills, client-handling, management, and product launch training on behalf of automotive manufactures. We are national in scope and conduct events that are both large-scale (hundreds of people) and small (10-20). Mimi has facilitated automotive training for us on multiple occasions and I have observed and worked with her in several environments. She is a true facilitator and has a skillset that ranks above those of a good presenter. In her classrooms, she engages audience members by getting them involved in activities and discussions; she doesn’t just “present the material.” Mimi always knows her content, is organized, and consistently represents professionalism. Most importantly, she listens to individuals in her classrooms and also fosters peer-to-peer learning in a variety of ways. In our business, those are the two keys to being an excellent facilitator or event leader.”  –Mark Krach, Vice President, Automatik

“In addition to large group and team situations, Mimi is terrific in one-on-one coaching as well. I personally find her insights to be extremely helpful, especially where a long-term strategic direction is either missing or poorly defined. Even when emotions and human behavior are trying to interfere, Mimi brings a patient persistence to the task of working through multiple possibilities until a vision takes shape. However, she knows that it can't stop there. Vision without an action plan is just a dream, so she continues to assist with the tedious job of turning a vision into a series of actionable steps. Great stuff!”  –Rob L. Rhoades, PhD

“You are an amazing person!! You have the uncanny ability to convert everyday frustrations into life’s simple happenings. You gave us all permission to see the beauty in what we do when at times we lose sight of it throughout the busyness of our days. And what was remarkable was that the examples you gave us really apply to just about everything in life, not just to our work environment.  Our employees were awed by your timely message to our campus community…... I have also thoroughly enjoyed your  book, it is truly inspiring and an essential read for everyone. I hope we can have you back in the near future…Thank you for adding peace to our day!!” —Susie Pulido, Director of Institutional Advancement & Entrepreneurial Development, GateWay Community College

“Your message was timely and really hit home with our employees.  The “Teflon Shower” technique is a great tool toward achieving a better work-life balance.  You have wonderful ideas and I was impressed by your interest in our organization and the thought and  preparation that went into the presentation.  You are flexible , friendly, organized, professional and a pleasure to work with” —Kristin Gubser, MPA, Assistant Director of Development, Institutional Advancement, GateWay Community College

“Mimi did a great job preparing and tailoring her presentation to meet the particular needs of our school.  She was enthusiastic and committed to the audience, and received very high ratings from our staff!” —Mindy Malik, Ph.D., ACCEL Director of Training & Program Development

“Hiring Mimi Meredith to provide a workshop for my sales team was one of the best investments I've made. Her content motivated us at both the individual and group level and helped us refocus our energy for the coming year.

Since hearing Mimi I have noticed a remarkable rise in energy and confidence within my diverse group. Not one of us was ready for her workshop to end. Our hands-on interaction kept us engaged and provided an amazing atmosphere for learning and reflection. We're already looking forward to her return next year!” —Shelley  L Hudson, Independent Sales Director, Mary Kay

“Our members were truly inspired by Mimi Meredith’s thought provoking presentation. She shared her timeless message with warmth, passion, humor and grace. Mimi is a genuine asset to any group who is looking for an amazing, up-lifting, one-of-a kind speaker. Her ability to connect with audiences is a gift!” —Tara Kilby, Junior League of Phoenix President, 2005-2006

“Mimi's presentation was uplifting and inspirational and built on our theme of women in leadership roles.  The message was well received and generated thought provoking discussions among members.” —Kathy, a Fortune 100 Financial Institution

“It was very nice to listen to Mimi Meredith's Leadership presentation yesterday. I really enjoyed the spiritual spin about knowing yourself and bringing that out as a true leader.” —Akshata, A Fortune 100 Financial Institution