Meeting Facilitation

There may be great meeting facilitators within your organization, but there are times you’d like them to be part of the meeting, rather than leading it; times when you need all your people engaged in the process and someone else steering the agenda. Those are the times Mimi can help.

Her facilitation skills guarantee that all voices are heard, objectives are clarified and accountability accepted, all with the highest degree of professionalism and efficiency.

“Mimi has an extraordinary ability to see issues or challenges from another perspective and provide realistic and achievable solutions. And it goes far beyond that. She is skillful, and delicately skillful when needed, in how she motivates people to look within themselves, reflect, and take action...feeling a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I've witnessed this outcome many times in our work together over the years with our board, volunteers, and me, personally.

“I feel there's always a solution with Mimi. She’s a strategic thinker and everything IS possible. Goodness does indeed grow!” –Leslie M. Bloom, CEO, The Partnership for a Drug Free America, AZ Affiliate

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