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Family Friday–Dad’s Wisdom

Posted by Mimi Meredith at Friday, July 8th, 2011 12:37 pm
What misery do you think you can no longer endure? What heartache, financial burden, or hard time is sucking the life out of you? I'll bet your parents or your grandparents would like to tell you to suck it up and soldier on. Actually, my parents never used terms like suck it up. But my Mom did tell me, at a time in my life when I was at my most miserable, that it was time to bloom where I was planted...which I think is pretty much the same thing. Perhaps you're busy trying to build a life your parents didn't have. Or maybe you're trying to prove your parents wrong. Whatever. I hope you get over that long enough to see the value in what they can teach you. My Dad is always a popular subject on the Bloomin' Blog. Following the post written last year called Find Your Way Forward, a corporate executive with a company in Florida for which I'd dearly love to consult wrote me a simple email, "I'd like to hear more stories about… Click here for the rest of the post

Family Friday–Top 10 Parenting Tips

Posted by Mimi Meredith at Friday, June 3rd, 2011 11:16 am
Greg and I are clever, but we aren't nearly clever enough to parent without help. We've had some great role models and we found a tremendous resource early on. Our oldest son was just an infant when a colleague suggested Greg and I listen to cassette tapes (yeah...we're old) on parenting by Jim Fay. The tapes were titled Raising the Odds for Responsible Behavior. Now our children are 22, 19 and 15. They aren't all grown up yet, but then, neither am I. They are remarkable. So how did they turn out that way? Is it nature or nurture. Is it all God? Well, yes, it's a lot about God because it is mostly about unconditional love. In the end, we all do exactly what my friend Florence told me I'd do as she gave me advice from her 86-years of wisdom: you'll raise your children to be loving enough adults to forgive you for all your mistakes. And maybe part of it is luck. Lucky that they chose amazing friends who have healthy lives and self respect. Lucky… Click here for the rest of the post