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by Mimi Meredith

A Change of Heart

Posted by Mimi Meredith at Saturday, February 14th, 2015 9:12 am
It is ironic that on this day of all days, I woke up so greatly disappointed in my own heart. It functions well enough. It would probably be improved by aerobic conditioning. But what part of me wouldn’t? No. This was deeper. It was the dawn of my consciousness today—in that gray moment of the morning before my brain chatter commences—when I realized the ways in which my heart has changed for the worse. In the book What Alice Forgot, a woman on the brink of her 40th birthday falls and hits her head. She wakes up certain that she is 29, with absolutely no recollection of the events of the past decade. Her amnesia allows the reader to see Alice respond to her 40-year-old world as her 29-year-old self. She is madly in love with her husband—who 40-year-old Alice is divorcing. She is so happy to see her next-door neighbor—with whom 40-year-old Alice no longer speaks. And she longs for a moment to get her bearings—but 40-year-old Alice fills every waking moment with manic micro management. Maybe 29-year-old… Click here for the rest of the post

Five Steps toward Peaceful Political Conversations

Posted by Mimi Meredith at Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 8:45 am
It's crunch time in campaign season. Sorting the mail, reading the paper or watching cable television leaves one no doubt that we're weeks away from an election. To avoid the lingering nastiness of the political machine, I can throw away unwanted mail, skip the print ads and turn off the tv. But what if the talking points and misinformation are coming at me in the workplace or the coffee shop? Here are some simple steps to seek peace in the middle of all the ruckus and even, just possibly, to gain understanding. 1. Give yourself a go-to phrase. Mine is "That's an interesting perspective." The viewpoints to which we cling are only one perspective. They may hold elements of fact and truth, but none of us has the corner on the whole truth. When I hear myself say that phrase out loud, it reminds me that my next step is to embrace my own silence. I don't waste energy arguing or even agreeing, which creates its own like-minded frenzy. I am working to let go of contentious conversational threads before… Click here for the rest of the post

Are You Trainable?

Posted by Mimi Meredith at Friday, February 3rd, 2012 5:56 pm
Well of course you are! But do you welcome the opportunities as they arise? Having our minds stretched makes a bit room for more information, but that doesn't often happen for many of us because stretching hurts. Here are some simple steps to make the most of each learning opportunity. Remember that Significant Learning Opportunities, as Jim Fay calls them, are often wrapped up in times we'd rather avoid...accidents, failures, broken relationships...but if we allow those times to be something we simply survive, we never harvest the lesson and allow ourselves to grow from them. Look for some of the most significant opportunities to come from people who irritate you. The thing that irritates you in them is likely a strong trait you carry as well (we'll get into all the egoesque theory in that another day...feel free to use egoesque...I kind of like it). Turn off your filter and listen to understand. In a horrible moment, don't say something chirpy like, "Boy, oh boy are we going to look back and laugh at what we learned today!" People… Click here for the rest of the post