Are You Trainable?

Posted by Mimi Meredith at Friday, February 3rd, 2012 5:56 pm

Well of course you are!

But do you welcome the opportunities as they arise?

Having our minds stretched makes a bit room for more information, but that doesn't often happen for many of us because stretching hurts. Here are some simple steps to make the most of each learning opportunity.

  • Remember that Significant Learning Opportunities, as Jim Fay calls them, are often wrapped up in times we'd rather avoid...accidents, failures, broken relationships...but if we allow those times to be something we simply survive, we never harvest the lesson and allow ourselves to grow from them.
  • Look for some of the most significant opportunities to come from people who irritate you. The thing that irritates you in them is likely a strong trait you carry as well (we'll get into all the egoesque theory in that another day...feel free to use egoesque...I kind of like it). Turn off your filter and listen to understand.
  • In a horrible moment, don't say something chirpy like, "Boy, oh boy are we going to look back and laugh at what we learned today!" People around you will hurt you...or worse, secretly hate you.
  • Write it down. My friend Elizabeth Cottrell offers great insight into the power of journaling. And we all know you remember what you write down. So unless you're some really masochistic dude who is into going through the same hurt over and over, minimize the likelihood of learning the same lesson by letting it fully enter your brain the first time.
  • Take advantage of formal training opportunities. Sign up for classes. Learn a new skill for free at a bazillion (at least) community centers around the nation. Open your mind to the training offered at your workplace that you absolutely resent having to attend. I don't mean to deliver too much truth in one punch here, but honey, you don't know it all.

Here's to stretching our mind muscles, so there is more room there for goodness to grow.