About Mimi

Mimi Meredith spent the first 20 years of her career in public relations and corporate communication. Or, as she likes to describe it–helping people to be better understood and to be more understanding. Her unique ability to identify communication gaps with her “gloriously blunt,” but warm manner is matched by her intuitive ability to bridge those gaps.

What do gaps look like?

Well, if you roll out a strategy and it doesn’t gain traction, chances are it’s not a poor strategy, just poor communication. When great communication supports good strategy, you tap the power of full engagement and understanding!

If you have a team that consistently fails to meet its potential, give them simple tools to relate more effectively. Teamwork will improve, employee satisfaction will improve, and you will gain tremendous ROI. That’s the power of positive relationships!

And if you’re a CEO, you have the greatest opportunity to improve your company’s performance simply by bridging the gaps created by your own assumptions. The power of improved leadership is available to everyone—even leaders who are already good! Power is in your people—build better leaders!

Mimi will challenge your assumptions, help you build better relationships, and give you the communication keys to unlock new initiatives and minimize the pain associated with change.

Contact us today to find out how she can help you through the services she offers, as well as through her network of amazing business experts. (She knows a lot of really clever people, so tell her your needs and save yourself time and money!)

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